A Thousand Faces, A Thousand Names, A Single Mind

My name is Mo, I am joining the Stuffery Team as a (hopefully) weekly installment for Roleplay oriented fashion. This will mean a lot of medieval fantasy things coming to your eyeballs, but I do have an interest in science fiction, I do love some modern things. For me each outfit also tells a story and sometimes I will have created the clothing or accessories included, but often I have bought the components. I was asked to introduce myself and my avatar. So I chose my three favorite avatars.

I grew up with strong female archetypes and always hunger for them, Marge is my attempt at this. She’s got a wild history that will come out over time as I post here, red hair, and a tactical mind. She is as big as a man and most people think she is one at first glance if she is in her armor and then later they fail to recognize her when she dons a dress. A bit of the outsider eternally she knows how to use a blade. She enjoys being able to remind people who everyone who has ever laid a hand on her in pain or anger has died but she also revels in seeing people happy. A professional soldier she sells her sword to try to survive, seeking a place where she can stop being a soldier. Is that possible? Perhaps her story will end with her not dying by the sword but time will tell.

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Marge is wearing:

Shape: Home Made
Eyes:FATEeyes 2.0 via Damien Fate (Sim) (Marketplace)
Skin: Pink Fuel Harley in Vanilla (Sim)
Scars: Ghurab Wound to Scar Full Body (Marketplace)
Hair: Eater’s Coma Gift 03 in Mauve – A free gift in world live at the time of posting (Sim)
Shield: The Pixicat Shield in Mail from the We <3 Role-Play! Event for April 2014. This is not scripted but is mod so you can add scripts to it to make it function as a RP weapon. (We <3 Role-Play! Sim) (Pixicat Sim) (Pixicat Marketplace)
Armor: Bare Rose Flat Plate Mail Lady This avatar is not flat chested in the shape used but the rigging does work so you don’t have to have built-in boobs in your armor. (Sim)
Sword: The Forge’s Wrath’s Conviction in Bronze (Sim) (Marketplace)

Next comes a dainty Lady, with over protective parents and limited life experience she is ill prepared for what adulthood brings. Lady Kata has left her distant home to the city to do what is asked of her, she must marry a stranger. She has some skill with a bow, loves to cook and yet she cannot escape the mischievous side of her nature. Can she truly be as refined a lady as she thinks she is?  She is not marked by the struggles of war, but if she fails to obey will she start one? Can she hold on to her innocence in the Capital?

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Kata is wearing:

Shape: Home Made
Eyes:FATEeyes 2.0 via Damien Fate  (Sim) (Marketplace)
Hands: Slink Elegant and Elegant 1 Hands (Sim) (Marketplace)
Feet: Slink High Feet (Sim) (Marketplace)
Head: Slink Visage Becky (Sim) (Marketplace)
Skin: Curio Applier for Emma in Pearl with matching base skin. (Sim)
Shoes: Sax Shepherd Designs Mata Hari Jeweld Stilleto Leather Basics Pack  (Marketplace)
Crown and Collar: Evie’s Closet Celebrian II Collar in Silver (Fit for a Princess) (Sim) (Marketplace)
Hair: Calico Ingman Rosalie Crimson Reds (slightly modified via tinting as well) (Sim) (Marketplace)
Gown: Junbug Principessa in Crimson (Fit for a Princess) (Sim) (Marketplace)

At last of the three stories to tempt you with I bring Kate. A jazz singer in a night club she ended up being the bite to eat, dragged into a world she’d never even imagined. She still sings but now it is as the queen of the night. Stepping through time backwards she’s sung and danced her way through catastrophe. She never quite lived in peace born and married to the Mob. Now that she’s dead though she’s free.. free to hunt from the shadows. She isn’t very hungry right now… does that mean she has fed on your friend? Might want to go below decks and…check on them. The sun is setting, she’s beginning to dance. Can you survive a night with Kate?

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Kate is wearing:
Shape: Home Made
Eyes:FATEeyes 2.0 via Damien Fate  (Sim) (Marketplace)
Hands: Slink Elegant and Elegant 1 Hands (Sim) (Marketplace)
Feet: Slink Natural Barefeet (Sim) (Marketplace)
Skin: Glam Affair Amberly Petal Edition- Edward (Sim) (Marketplace)
Make Up: Madrid Solo Spotted Owl Lips (Sim)
Soiree Cheek Contour/Razorbone (Marketplace)
Nailpolish: -{ZOZ}- Gold Dip Polish – Black (Sim) (Marketplace)
Shoes: Ingenue Paola Flats Gold and Sisal (Rare from Past Arcade, links are for other Ingenue products you might like) (Sim)
Accessories: Bracers, Necklace, Headpiece .aisling. Lady of Highgarden in Gold (The Secret Affair) (Sim) (Marketplace 1) (Marketplace 2)
Hair: Tableau Vivant Sabra Hair in Fall (Sim) (Marketplace)
Dress: .aisling. Qarth Lady in Black (The Secret Affair) (Sim) (Marketplace 1) (Marketplace 2)

Hopefully I am not too mysterious and these images and teasers give you a taste of what is to come. For higher quality images and some that didn’t get uploaded here please check out the Stuffery Flickr Group here!  All of these shots were taken on the Blackwater Bay sim, located here. If you go please do follow the sim rules and consider joining the Game, the SLURL linked takes you to the information hub.

I’m Wishing…

I have talked about this in the past, briefly, but since SLWishlist has done a little work to add to the site’s function, I thought I would do some screenshots and show it off.

SLWishlist is a nifty little website that allows you to create a wishlist of marketplace wants that you can share with friends. Or, in my case, even though I do have it in my profile picks and on this blog in my Social Media area on the sidebar (for lack of a better place to put it), just to replace the marketplace favorites.

But why would I replace my marketplace favorites with it? Well, I’ll tell you, just as soon as I do a run down of the site! In order to join SLWishlist, you can go to the website and find a SLURL to a terminal, or just follow this link to get to the official one. It’s a really simple click and sign up process, much like any other terminal in SL that directs you to a site to sign up on, and then you will have access to the site. From there, if you want to make adding things to the site quick, you go to the Chrome Webstore (if you use Chrome!) with this link to get a simple button that will pop up on every marketplace page, as shown below.



There are other extensions for Firefox and (*shudders*) Internet Explod..uhm, Explorer, in the process of being made, and they will have them in a link at the top left of the site, beside a little donation piggy bank.


Anywho! After you are ready for the site, over at the log in page you will have to enter firstname.lastname (yes, with the period between) and the password the terminal gave you to log in. I’ve taken a screenshot of the main page below. I’m not a fan of the pink, but you work with what you have, eh?

SLW1After you get logged in (for some reason telling the site to remember you doesn’t work, at least not for me..so you can probably skip that) you have the option to go into settings. Unfortunately since I can’t take an image of a full page at one time, I kinda had to break it up a bit with Gyazo.

0feb5e0bcbc09954e2ec74f33f6a8d392798a9fb8d3d469c2486b10cd6c88bf2fecea775a49cea952c10745f06a21c8d I was too lazy to add them into one graphic, but it’s after 4AM here, so blah. I’m entitled! At any rate, you can see that settings offers the ability to change the password the terminal gave you to something you’d prefer to use (I kept what it gave me for the time being) and there’s a spot for a short profile bit which the site owners will approve before it shows up to make sure the bad things are kept out! Then you select your gender (there are options for male, female, transexual, other, and not specified), and then move on to making group names. The group names will also have to be approved, but they are a useful tool because as you add things to the wishlist, you can edit the list and add things to a certain group so when you or someone else looks at the list, you can choose to just look at a certain collection rather than going through the categories or the entire list. The categories are the reason I chose to use this instead of the marketplace favorites, by the way. It’s always driven me mad that the marketplace favorites are all clumped together, so being able to search through my wants by category, and now by groups I assign them to, is absolutely fantastic.

At the very bottom you see the option to take part in Acquired Items. I think it sounds like a good idea overall, so that you know something has been purchased, but I do question the 10L fee per item charged to the other person when they go to the terminal, even if the fee does apparently get sent to you, and it is to prevent people from just running through the wishlist and marking everything as purchased when it wasn’t. I’m not certain it will see a lot of use because of the fee (which DOES make sense considering why they have the fee set up), but I entered into it anyway just to see.

When you have some items set up on your wishlist, you can click the link to it at the top and it will open in a new tab so you can see what others will see if they click through to it from wherever you place it.

SLW4 I decided to show the top three items that just happen to show up in the group I created for roleplay clothing. You can also now see how much stuff I had stored in my marketplace favorites before I moved it over to the wishlist site. Don’t judge me. I like things. Ahem…so, in order to buy the item for someone, or yourself…you follow the link to the item and buy it as you normally would, and then if you want (and if they are taking part in the Acquired items thing) the little gift boxes on the side are what can be scrolled over to get instructions on how to go to the terminal and let them know that you purchased the item for the person.

So, it’s actually a fairly straight-forward and easy to use site…and I am enjoying the benefit of an organized list of items I can get for myself as time goes on.

Not that I’m opposed to getting gifts, however. Gifts are lovely. Hint hint. 

I’m kidding. Maybe.





We Love Roleplay; It’s Our Secret Affair

Alright, so that title is terrible, but it ties in both events (We <3 RP and The Secret Affair), so I’m fine with it. Kind of.

I wish I had some interesting yarn to spin before posting up images, but really I just want to show off things because they look awesome.

First, a series of crowns from Alchemy at The Secret Affair. I absolutely love them, and intend to use at least two of them in roleplay in the future…because the bigger ones don’t fit my character I use right now.

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  • Alchemy:  All from The Secret Affair
    • Iron Crowns in Copper and Bronze (I changed the stone color to red on one, typically they were blue)
    • Hear Me Roar (Rare)
    • Mother of Dragons (Ultra-Rare)

And then I got this amazing gown from Aisling (The Secret Affair) called Qarth Lady. This particular aqua shaded gown is a special release for the event, and it comes with a HUD that allows for various customizations. It’s like having at least 7 dresses in one.

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Then I picked up the Shae dress from !gO! and paired it with some sandals from Pure Poison. They are called Gladia and are made for SLink mesh feet.


And lastly, the things I snatched from We <3 Roleplay; dresses from Peqe, Evie’s Closet, and Junbug.

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Extra info from the pictures:


Eden Rising: Previews



The Co-Op: Eden Rising opened today…well, I suppose technically yesterday now, at least in my time zone. I got a chance to drop in before it opened and take a look at the event area and I picked up some of the available items to share here.

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The slide show above showcases items from the following:

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And above here we have the following:

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Lastly (for now), Spyralle jewelry!

Other things:


Since Plurk is down and I have nothing else going on (aside from attempting to build; scary stuff), I decided to take a photo of my ‘old’ skin (Pink Fuel) and one of my new skin (The Addy Style)…and then put them together in one image just to see what they looked like side by side, well..kind of. It amused me, so I thought I’d put it here.


The Goods

  • Hair: Truth – Iris (Blood)
  • Skins: 
  • Shape: My Own, albeit a new one
  • Eyes: Ibanez Eyes - Pacifica and Cool Mist
  • Eyelashes: Mon Cheri - *MC* Falsies Lashes
  • Clothing: Kei’s Spot – Tharlarion Rider (Blue)

A Wild Linden Appears!

So I was bumming around reading Plurk, and Berry shared this link to Twitter, and being the nosy imp I am, I decided to head to The Spencer Art Museum in world and went and stalked Ms. Berry (and showed her how to zoom in on people in the sim >_>) so we could joint-stalk Ebbe Linden.

And then he flew over to us.

Turns out, he’s a really friendly guy! He stood around and let us snap photos and talked with us about sims and other SL related chatter, and soon we had a little swarm of bloggers, Plurkers, and Twitter people hanging around chatting.

Sadly, he had to depart to attend a meeting, but he was pretty nice to stand around and talk to..and he even accepted an LM from me so he could have another place to visit and check out!

Nice dude, Ebbe Linden.

Here is a little slideshow of my terribad photos of standing around chatting with him.

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The Co-Op Presents: Eden Rising (4/7-4/21)

The Co-Op is proud to present it’s very first event — Eden Rising — April 7th – 21st. Celebrate the Conquest of Spring with this two week event, featuring new and exclusive releases from top SL Designers.

Learn more at: The Co-Op Presents: Eden Rising

The Co-Op Presents_ Eden Rising - April 7 - 21

Landmark: Sky High (The Co-Op: Eden Rising)

Featuring New, Exclusive Creations from:

  • [ FREE BIRD ]
  • !!FOLLOW US!!
  • [LINKED]
  • M&M INC.
  • [SLGROW]

Fit For A Princess, Part 7

Fit for a Princess Logo

I swear, I am finished! I think. But I got some fantastic dresses from Kouse’s Sanctum, so I had to share them. They are called ‘Anna’ and I decided to show all but one, because I’m holding onto that one for an idea that popped into my brain.

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The Goods

Fit For A Princess, Part 6 (It’s Opened!)

Fit for a Princess Logo One final Fit For A Princess post! I just got a hold of the dresses from Peqe, and they are fabulous. Each one is themed in a color suited to a Disney character (Ariel, Belle, Hades, Maleficent, and Pocahontas). Yep, Hades is in there. Rock it, boyfriend.


…or not. Jeez, temper.

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But good news! Fit For A Princess is now OPENED! Party time. Now, go in and shop!

A New Me

So, my profile partner/friend/all around goof and I were talking and the subject of picking out things for each other’s avatars came up. We went out to a couple of stores and picked up some demos of skins he liked, and we finally settled on one called Alice from The Addy Style. To be honest, I had never heard of the store, and there are not a lot of skins in there just yet…but I think Alice suited the shape we dug out of the few I had squirreled away that I tried to make once with the intent of selling and never did.

Matching up my SLink hands and feet were a challenge, because the store doesn’t have appliers (maybe in the future?) but I finally got it down to something reasonable.

Snapshot_002 Snapshot_003

The Goods

  • Hair: Magika – Yesterday [02]
  • Skin: The Addy Style - Alice (Makeup #2)
  • Hands and Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement (Casual Hands/Flat Feet)
  • Shape: My Own, albeit a new one
  • Eyes: Ibanez Eyes - Pacifica and Cool Mist
  • Eyelashes: Mon Cheri - *MC* Falsies Lashes
  • Dress: Senzafine – Alysaara Corset Dress [Aurora]


Okay, so it’s just the hair color…but ChiChickie put out a group gift called Annan in a Walnut shade, so I popped it on to try out..despite the fact I only wear red hair…and I don’t think I look half bad!


And in the background there you will see the elusive lazius manius…or something like that. Shh. I didn’t feel like moving to take the photo elsewhere.

The Goods

  • Hair: ChiChickie – Annan in Walnut (group gift)
  • Skin: Pink Fuel - Harley[Peach #2] (Old Arcade item)
  • Shape: My Own
  • Eyes: Ibanez Eyes - Pacifica and Cool Mist
  • Eyelashes: Mon Cheri - *MC* Falsies Lashes
  • Dress: Luas - Isabella in Red

Fit For A Princess, Part 5

Fit for a Princess Logo

This will (probably) be my last Fit For A Princess post, unless something else rolls in! If so, I’ll just add it to this post. Today’s post has the offerings from Evie’s Closet, Mien, Free Bird, and An Lar Poses. All of them are awesome, and I took too many photos (again) so I had to at least attempt to par down.

And this time, I had a guest in my photos. Yep, forced my prof partner into some photos. Like he’d tell me no. 

Ahem. Anyway! Photos!

This time, I decided to try one of these slideshow deals, and just pray that it looks alright.

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The Goods!

  • Evie’s Closet – Elven Crowns and Collars (Alatariel, Celebrian, Nimrodel)
  • Mien Poses – Playing the Princess (Poses with a pink crown and star sceptre)
  • Free Bird – Sleeping Princess Glass Coffin (King not included…that’s mine)
  • An Lar Poses – The Spoiled Princess Series & True Love’s Kiss

Fit For A Princess, Part 4

Fit for a Princess Logo

Here we have another round of Fit For A Princess items. This time we feature SySy, Uncertain Smile, Milk, and Keystone. As I was asleep earlier, and just woke up for no apparent reason, I figured I would go ahead and fire off this post because, well..awesome.

Uncertain Smile offers a pearl in a shell with poses for mermaids..which is quite lovely. It comes with holdable shells containing pearls, and a hand mirror…because mermaids are seriously vain creatures. I chose to take the image in the mermaid roleplay area in the Realm of Mystara, because that area is amazing.Snapshot_015 And then we have the offering from Milk, which is a lovely long braid called Spellbound. Taking photos of long hair can sometimes be a bit tricky for me, so in the end I opted for taking a photo of the back and the front.

Snapshot_016 Snapshot_017

Then we have the offering from SySy, which is a set of shoes called Damita that are for SLink feet. There are also clutches called Scarlett, which will be in a gacha machine. I’ve only taken a photo of one of the clutches, but there is one to compliment each shoe color, and two rares.



Lastly, we have the entry from Keystone, which is admittedly a new store to me…but as I am a roleplayer and love to collect up chains, tiaras, and other head gear for my character, these are definitely something I will be using weekly. They are called Vaika’s Jewels.

Snapshot_006 Snapshot_007 Snapshot_008

Rock On

Barely Legal Couture has put out a few things lately, but with the Fit For A Princess event, I admit I fell behind on keeping up with them. So, to make up for it, I am popping up a few of them right now.

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The Goods

  • Hair: ChiChickie – Fateweaver (Facebook Friends gift) [Visit ChiChickie on FB and 'like' the page for a special code to use on a machine in the store]
  • Skin: Pink Fuel - Harley[Peach #3] (Old Arcade item)
  • Hands and Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement (Casual Hands/Flat Feet)
  • Shape: My Own
  • Eyes: Ibanez Eyes - Pacifica and Cool Mist
  • Eyelashes: Mon Cheri - *MC* Falsies Lashes
  • First 3 Outfits: Barely Legal Couture - Music Above Me (Black, Purple, Red)
  • Second 6 Outfits: Barely Legal Couture – Amp’d (Emerald, Black, Red, Purple, Magenta, Midnight)
  • Last 5 Outfits: Barely Legal Couture – Retro Jams (Blue, Pink, Lavender, Green, Orange)

Fit For A Princess, Part 3

Fit for a Princess Logo

A third round of Fit For A Princess previews rolled in, so I spent a fair chunk of time today getting photos taken, and two gifs made.

First up; A.S.S. created nails in tiara, rhinestone, and royal purple styles. I collect up HUDs for my feet and hands, but I admit I rarely change my nail colors…except for special occasions. So, these are just some more I can play with when those occasions roll around!

ASSNails1 ASSNails2

Next, we have a jewelry set release from Cae. I am addicted to the color blue for many things, so I kinda didn’t want to take these off. I wonder if I can pull off wearing them with jeans.

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Elephante Poses submitted a set of poses called ‘Let It Go’ and the majority of poses I used in this post are from that set. The pictures below here are two of those poses that I didn’t get to pair with another Princess release. The set of tiaras in the ad graphic below these are also from Elephante for a gacha machine.ele1 ele3 EP - If I Can Dream Gacha Chart

Fission has submitted three dresses, all of which I actually think are quite nice. The first is a strapless floral set called Diana. The second set is a top and skirt combination called Grace, and the third is a dress set called Lisa.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Frogstar handed out a pack of books to hold and read; a set called Lost In A Good Book: Princess Edition. They are going to be in a gacha machine.


Krystal Fine Jewelry submitted a set called Purity, which I love. Something else I will want to find an excuse to use..even if I have to wear them with jeans. She also created a Princess Study, which is texture change to suit your home.

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Llama offers a wall-mounted shelf with books, photos, and princess dolls called the Princess Bookshelf. It comes in white and natural wood tones.


And I now know the slurl for the event…but I’m going to make everyone wait a little longer before I reveal it. I’m mean, I know. But hey, it’s worth the wait, trust me.

Dance Dance

It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog meme, so when Berry came out with one about dancing, I had to do it…even though I was a bit slow at getting to it (at least to me). I am actually a little picky when it comes to dances in SL because so many just look jerky and awkward…or they cost an arm and a leg, so I don’t have too many except some old ones and ones I use for roleplay.  So! I picked two of mine that I enjoy and decided to try two single dance videos…just without sound because I lack any music that works with the dances I chose. 

My apologies if the videos look horrible, this is my first time doing videos of SL.

  • Which dance(s) are you sharing in these images/videos and where are they from?
    • *Smooth Jazzy and *Ya Sayyidi, both of which are from A&M Mocap.
  • Which is your favorite dance in Second Life?
    • Smooth Jazzy, actually.
  • What are your favorite dance animation stores in Second Life?
    • A&M is pretty much it, because while I love going out and finding dances, most don’t seem to look all that great to me. But then, I’ve only been to maybe 3 or 4 dance animation stores in my years in SL. I’m always opened to learning about new ones that are awesome though.
  • Are you a frequent dancer in Second Life?
    • I used to be. I actually started out in SL as a dancer and hostess at a club called Club KittyCat, and then moved on to a rock club called The Bowery, where I was a dancer, dancer manager, and hostess when needed. Eventually I became one of the managers of the club on the whole…before it closed down and I moved on to just DJing at a couple of EBM/Industrial clubs. Now I just DJ when we have Out of Character parties in Mystara, but only if they need me. I just don’t have the time to go dancing much anymore…and going to a club alone is kind of boring. I do, however, take part in a dance troupe in Mystara called The Kama Girls, on occasion.
  • Are you a frequent dancer in the real world?
    • I used to be! In middle school I was a cheerleader and in high school I was part of the Winterguard (the girls that twirl flags and such but do not go around with the marching band. I also used to go to dances and clubs geared toward teenagers and dance around..I was always one of the idiots right up there in front of the DJ booth. Then I graduated up to going to a club called Ground Zero, where it was all loud rock music and not so much dancing as mosh pits…which I also got in the middle of. I’m a mean mosher. I break people. Or, I used to. I’m an angel now.

The Goods

  • Hair: Truth – Alison [Streaked]
  • Skin: Pink Fuel - Harley[Peach #3] (Old Arcade item)
  • Hands and Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement (Casual Hands/Flat Feet)
  • Shape: My Own
  • Eyes: Ibanez Eyes - Pacifica and Cool Mist
  • Eyelashes: Mon Cheri - *MC* Falsies Lashes
  • Jewelry: On A Lark – Mecca Foot and Hand Coins
  • Dance Outfit: Velvet Whip – Jinn Red


  • [DDD] – Desert Couch [Fantasy Collective item]

Fit For A Princess, Part 2

Fit for a Princess Logo

So this will be short and sweet, because I have stayed up far, far longer than I intended to..and I have yawned and dozed off during my entire photo snapping spree! One of these days, my prof partner is going to throw something at me for not going to bed at a sane hour.

But hey, I got swept up in photos. Don’t judge.

The first thing I found in my inventory to go photo crazy with was Alouette‘s Princess Tower. I chose the area in front of the Mystfolk Mound in the Realm of Mystara to plunk it down and take pictures, and I loved how so many of my tinkerings with Windlights came out that I decided I’d just put them all up.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


So, yes…I went overboard on photos. But the tower is awesome. And yes, I cleaned up the tower when I was finished. >_>

The next thing I had in my inventory was the Royal pose set from Lalochezia: Poses & Gallimaufry and I chose to wear my Mirror Mirror dress from The Muses along with my Boleyn necklace from Luminary and the Amira crown from Hopscotch shown in the last blog post, which will be available at Fit For A Princess.

The photos were taken in the Realm of Mystara again, this time in Stromness Castle‘s throne room.

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Fit For A Princess

Fit for a Princess Logo

Fit For a Princess will be opening on April 1st (I promise it isn’t a joke). The first bit of previews are starting to roll in, so I will be posting them up as they come to me.

The first preview is from Positure Poses and it is a bed with 2 poses (same pose, different av sizes) themed around the story The Princess and the Pea.


And then we have a set of crowns and shoes from Hopscotch! The crowns are called Amira and the shoes are called Dorothy. I think they are beautiful.

HopScotch-Amira HopScotch-Dorothy

Last for this post, we have dresses from Luminary called Grace.  I opted to goof off with a simple .gif for this one, just..because.


I will update one of my posts with the SLURL to Fit For A Princess as soon as it is available!

The Lady

Lady Anastasia; she looks classy..and in many ways she is, but it was not always that way. Her past, while not always highly publicized, was one of an orphan-turned-pickpocket before she ended up in the company of gypsies, learning a bit of their culture, and eventually moved on to working as a physician when she got older, and soon was in charge of the others…somewhere in the midst of this reuniting with her younger brother, gaining a family and friends of many races (ranging from human to fairy to satyr to elf and even a few lycans and dragons) and even the love of a King. Now she lives with him in the castle, owns the sole tavern in their village, and is his Royal Advisor. A far, far departure from the life of a orphan sleeping in alleyways and sewers..just trying to stay alive from day to day.


The Goods

  • Hair: *Milk* –  Queen of the Court [We <3 RP February]
  • Skin: Pink Fuel - Harley[Peach #3] (Old Arcade item)
  • Hands and Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement (Casual Hands/Flat Feet)
  • Shape: My Own
  • Eyes: Ibanez Eyes - Pacifica and Cool Mist
  • Eyelashes: Mon Cheri - *MC* Falsies Lashes
  • Jewelry: [Ripped] – Celtic Face Chain (Rust) & KOSH - Shepherd’s Glen Necklace (Silver)
  • Dress: [TGW]  Riki Gown Burgundy
  • Shoes (barely visible): Fri.day – Lizzie Slippers (Antique) [for SLink flat feet]


  • Aisling – Lady Sciarri lounge and lamp


Bloggers Wanted!

Yeah, I know this is a stretch, but I’ve decided it’s time to at least try what I’ve been debating.

I want to open up applications for people to blog for Stuffery. So! What am I looking for?

  • People that can blog at least once a week.
  • A blogger for Freebie finds
    • Obviously,  quality finds and not things from the older SL freebie areas..but that probably goes without saying.
  • A blogger for Hunt finds
    • Someone capable of reporting on hunts as they come out, covering at least a third of the items in a hunt, if not all of them.
  • A blogger about SL Locations
    • Someone who enjoys exploring SL and finding new locations people can hang out or take photos at.
      • This should be everything but Roleplay sims, as per having a blogger dedicated to SL Roleplay.
  • A blogger all about SL Roleplay
    • Roleplay fashion
    • Roleplay locations
      • This will include adding the slurls and names/some info to the roleplay page.

All bloggers will be encouraged to add stores to the page of store locations as well.

I would like to thank anyone that does send in an application in advanced for filling it out.

You can find the application HERE.

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